In brief: The "Fischhaus" remained void for the last 15 years or so. It has now been statically reinforced and reroofed with a new guttering. In 2015 Zittau’s administration and concerned citizens found the "Fischhaus" to be an ideal venue for a bicycle hotel. Situated on a junction of two international bike routes, the city of Zittau means to promote bicycle tourism. "Fischhaus" shall serve as a focal point for visiting bikers and their needs. We seek to establish board and lodging, toilets, washrooms for bikers in transit and a workshop with simple and humble means. We definitely will not use plastic floor laminate and DIY market doors. We are a group of architects, artists and the landlord seeking allies. Gladly from the catering or hotel business, but not necessarily so. Imagination is required, though. Interested? Write an email (click below) or call, and we are likely to engage in a gripping conversation. A bit of future in Zittau. benjamin pfefferkorn 23.7.16

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"projekt: pfefferkorn" • Innere-Weberstr.36 • 02763 Zittau • Großgörschenstr.15 • 10829 Berlin • mobil 01511 7871 959 •
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